Keepin’ on…

17 Apr

I’ve been keepin’ it up! After the first day of running like that, my quads were kill-ing me. So I switched to the elliptical, the one with the movey things for the arms, and found out that when I dialed up the resistance a little (to 5 if that means anything to you) I burned way more calories doing what felt like way less work. THEN, couple days ago, some lady was on my machine so I had to use the elliptical without the movey arm thingeys, but I found that I burned EVEN MORE calories! 600. That is a sexy amount of calories in an hour, if you ask me. Plus my body doesn’t hurt so bad? Me likey. My legs are tired still today, which was my day off, and the day I’m supposed to do P90x…..I took a long nap today, made some oatmeal raisin cookies so far…we’ll see if that happens.

GI JANE me: I don’t like your tone! You’re doing that P90x workout, young lady!


WORKOUT SOUNDTRACK: Yeah Yeah Yeahs on shuffle.


Update: So I did ’bout 15 min of p90x before dinner.


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