Spring is for new beginnings

12 Apr

I’ve laced up my running shoes, and started back on the treadmills at the good old YMCA. In the kind of heat we get here in North Carolina, I am not about to start running outside. That’s actually how I started, last July. I was mad as hell one day and thought I’d blow off some steam—pushing a baby  in her stroller, and running around 2 miles in 85 degree weather. That was the end of that, and probably why I haven’t been great about keeping up with it since.

My new plan is to get the hour of running (intervals) in at the gym before I go into work, shower and change there, and either come back home, or go straight to work. Mostly, I work in the afternoons, the earliest I would have to be there is 10am. (I work as an Esthetician at a spa.) So I get up at 7am, leave the house by 730 (if my bags are packed) and get there by 8. Then I work out from around 8ish til 9ish. Shower, get ready and out the door by 10am. If I have to be at work at 10am, then I’ll just cut the workout to 1/2hour. Better than nothin’. I’ll be doing this routine on work days only, which is usually 5 days a week.

As far as strength training goes, I’m already all set up for P90x at home, so I’ll do my weights in the comfort of home, at the beginning of the day, and that’ll be for 2 days out of the week, only on my days off. Things always come up sure, so I’m not gonna schedule a ‘break’ day, because 1. working out first thing gives me energy (I just cleaned house today!) and 2. when things come up, they come up. I’ll call that a ‘break’.

About those intervals….this is what I do once I find a treadmill in a secluded corner in the gym near two humongous fans with a TV (picky, picky, I am)…I turn on my ipod, and start walking 4mph for 2 min. This is the pattern I follow:

Walk=4.0mph Run=5.0mph

Walk 2min/Run 1 min/Walk 2 min/Run 2 min/Walk 2 min/Run 3 min/Walk 2 min/Run 4 min/Walk 2 min/Run 5 min/Walk 2 min/Run 6 min/Walk 2 min/Run 5 min/Walk 2 min/Run 4 min/Walk 2 min/Run 3 min/Walk 2 min/Run 2 min/Walk 2 min/Run 1 min/Walk 2 min. =60 min total

24 min walking at 4.0 mph and 36 min running at 5.0 mph

Today I burned 440 calories, supposedly.


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